Flower pots, my personal how to

Every spring, my daughter and I love to get our flowers ready around our house. Last year, I saw a cute little minion and decided to paint one just like it. Everyone loved it and people started asking me if I could make them one. So, I did. During the process I learned what worked and what didn’t work, so here is my own tutorial with the improvements I made.

how to flower pot

I use some paint with prime that we had from when we painted outside, so it was an exterior white prime. All I needed was a coat of white so when I apply the paint, it won’t look too dark and it will get a better grip!

flower pot paint

In my first pot I actually use one single rope and attached all together to the hands and feet. I found it very annoying because you have to balance all of them together to have them at the same level. So, I used a drill with a special bit for cement and drilled a hole for each arm and each leg. Now, do this before you paint it. Obviously drilling on top of paint is going to ruin it and you’re gonna end up repainting that part. Yes, I’ve done it !

flower pot how to   flower pot how to

To attach the arms and legs I used to add a little wooded block and nailed it with the rope, but sometimes the block would break and it’s just too much work. So, I found a thicker rope and add this little fastener and just make a knot at the end, it works awesome!

flower pot paint

Now, if you’re planning on putting your little people in your garden, outside all day, under the sun, I would suggest you use paint for external use. If it’s going to be in your porch or somewhere away from the elements, I personally use normal craft paint, now this kind doesn’t add the shiny glossy finish, but it is a little cheaper and easier to fix mistakes on the designs.

For the faces, I usually just use spray paint. Depends on the design I just spray the skin color type and draw the face with a permanent marker. Now, if you make a mistake, I’d suggest (by personal experience) do not try to correct it by drawing over it! Specially if you’re using light colors. It is better if you coat it again with prime, re-spray it, repaint it and then, try drawing again! You’ll get a cleaner finish!

I usually use foam brushes, they’re great when I need to paint larger spots. If you’re using a lot of colors that overlap, let the first coat dry before you apply the other one. Give it some time, otherwise it’s gonna get messy. I personally use the small artist brushes for small overlapping art.

flower pot how to

And that’s all! They are ready to decorate your garden!

If you like to paint, i think this activity would be very good for you! all you have to do it keep it away from dogs (mine have broken a couple already) and away from direct wind. I don’t attach anything to the head, so I had have some that fall and break with strong winds.

how to flower pot  how to flower pot  how to flower pot

Hope this help! Please let me know how yours turn out!


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