Naturally Tribal Skincare

I know, I know! Another skincare that promises you wonderful things... Except... This one is unique and it will deliver!

These Products are meant to sooth and nourish the skin. I'm personally allergic to a lot of skin care stuff out there, and so is my daughter, so I'm pretty relieved to see something that was created exactly to treat those sensitive skins and believe me I'm already trying some and this mama is loving it mucho!!!

I like this story, it was created by a concerned mother! This, my friends is what wonderful products are made of! Pure Mother's love ♥♥
Her son suffered from Eczema, he couldn't bare all other skin products, she's a qualified pharmacist with African heritage, she started experimenting in her kitchen and ... BOOM...! We have awesome body food for everyone in the family! 

little shoppes

Now, let me save you some time and just pin point what makes this product awesome:

  • Vegan Certified
  • None are animal tested

As an animal lover I think these are important when you choose products for personal use!

  • Made with organic and natural ingredients

Come on! Who doesn't love something organic and natural?!

  • They're from Africa, more specifically from the Kingdom of Essan

Isn't that cool? Using ingredients grown in a kingdom! I like that!

  • Empower women!

Now, we all love businesses that empower other women and their communities, just like Our Creations Nicaragua, we "offer opportunity, not charity" and Naturally tribal belief is the same model. As they say in their website "We collaborate with the women of Essan by sourcing our ingredients from their community in an ethical and sustainable manner, providing the infrastructure needed to ensure quality, and the training that will help them progress."

  • Available only at Little Shoppes, Downtown Washington 

You won't have to go far to get it, Little Shoppes is really proud of offering these awesome products (only one in the US, aside from NY) and I heard they're already selling pretty good!, which by the way I have to say it is a project very close to Jayne's heart.

So, Stop by Little Shoppes and see what all the buzz is about. Give your skin a wonderful upgrade in skincare, buy it for someone who really need this, support a community in Africa, and at the same time support a friend, a local and her local business downtown little Washington! 

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