Hammocks Tio Antonio

hammock tio antonio granada nicaragua

Hammocks Tio Antonio (uncle Antonio), is a nonprofit organization that has been operating in Granada, Nicaragua for over 7 years now. This store was first created to provide a job to young people with different disabilities. His goal with this project is not only provide a job for them, but also train them in other areas such as work schedules, responsibility, team work and meeting deadlines.

There are than 30 people working in this shop, receiving a good income and work conditions. Furthermore, they continue to pursue other educational opportunities.

hammock tio antonio granada nicaragua             hammock tio antonio granada nicaragua

The quality of their hammocks is the best of the country, surpassing even the “exportation” hammock made in Masaya. The rope or thread is imported cotton called Manila, made by hand, without any harmful chemical additives. Making 75 stitches per line, makes the hammock durable and will last you between 3 - 5 years, this of course depends on the care. They’re washable with water and soap. The thread other than colorful and vivid are also very resistant. The wood used for the hammocks is local such as Cedar and Guanacaste, high quality and full of elegance. The hammocks that don’t have a stick, use a strong metal ring to hang it, so you can lie down in complete safety.

If you go to Nicaragua, El café de las sonrisas, is a must stop. Additional to the hammock store, this coffee shop also located in Granada, welcomes everyone with good coffee and food. All the waiters are deaf and mute, the 4th one in the world with this system. Youth are introduced from this point on to a work environment and later tio Antonio helps them by placing them in better companies whose owners frequent the café.

To learn more about this amazing project, you can visit tio Antonio website www.tioantonio.org