Key chains by Cinthia

Cinthia is a 13-year-old. She’s unique. Ever since she started her school years, she has always wanted to be the best. When she was going to a semi-public catholic school near her house, she would complain that she wasn’t learning enough. She begged her parents to transfer her to a Christian private school. She worked hard to get the best grades to possibly apply for a scholarship. Due to the financial situation, she couldn’t afford being transferred right away, but finally in 8th grade she managed to get a partial scholarship that would cover 50% of her tuition, that is around ($50 per month). We helped to get her school supplies and books then and she did thrive! She was number #2 among the best students in her class and #4 in ranking school wide.

Cinthia doesn’t have a super talented brain, she wasn’t born with a higher IQ. In fact, she must work extra hard to learn her lessons, she sits and study and concentrate a lot to be able to learn what she studied at school that day. She invests hours reviewing and practicing every day.

She currently has a partial scholarship, but the new brutal crisis going on since April last year, her mom lost her job and with that, a +$400 monthly income (please note that the average income in Nicaragua is around $200 per month), dad has a job as a driver, he delivers animal feed to the local Cargill. And with two more brothers in school, it looked like she was going to be withdrawal from that school.

I heard creativity comes from a necessity, this girl wanted to keep her education so bad, she started looking for alternatives. With help from a cousin, she learned how to make key chains during her school vacations, she would buy small beads and make a few key chains and sell them among family members. Then, colectivo shop, a shop home of +20 local brands, started offering her key chains, and everyone loves them. This little extra income helped her to afford her books for the school year.

During my visit to Nicaragua last year, she showed me how she learned to make unicorns, turtles and lizards. During my visit in January this year, she’d already learn how to make monkeys, dogs, and horses all by herself! I can't tell you how proud I am of this little girl!

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We bought around 4 dozen of these keychains and by June this year we were receiving 4 more dozen. They are one of our best sellers, kids and grown up loves them.

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Sometimes I show Cinthia different designs I see in internet, so she can try to make them and her response is always the same: - “I’ll try to see if I can make them during vacations, right now I have to study for my upcoming tests” her self-discipline is something rare, it makes me laugh sometimes that I think about it, we are always telling our kids: -Go study, go do your homework, and Cinthia here we have to tell her:- go have fun, stop stressing for homework!

If you would like to purchase one of Cinthia’s keychains, please go to our store and shop. You can also contact us!

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She is also part of our program where we purchase the list of school supplies during the beginning of the school year, if you would like to donate toward school supplies or tuition please visit our DONATE page. Any kind of help is greatly appreciated it.