Sunshine Handmade Nicaragua

Sunshine handmade nicaragua masaya artisan brand handbags

Leslie Gonzales is the mastermind behind sunshine. Owner and Founder of the brand. However the reasons behind it are not other than heartbreaking. Leslie and Seth Jurgueson's twins were born at 26 weeks in Nicaragua, Only Andrew survived after 120 days at the hospital. Funds raised through your purchase will serve to buy supplies, materials and train the staff to help improve the 1% survival rate for preemies under 30 weeks in Nicaragua. Another portion will also help their family to support their mission work in Nicaragua.

Sunshine Handmade Nicaragua, located in Masaya, Nicaragua uses 100% genuine imported leather treated without chrome, also high quality canvas to create the most beautiful and unique designs in every product. Every purse, handbag, wallet, backpack is fashionable and at the same time resistant and it will last you a very long time.

When you visit the shop, you can also see the artisans working in the other side of the shop.

sunshine handmade nicaragua   sunshine handmade nicaragua  sunshine handmade nicaragua


They have their own shop and store at KM 20.3, on the main highway Masaya, having the beautiful and dangerous Masaya volcano as background, a natural reserve that brings thousand of visitors per year.

They also are part of a community store located at the entrance of Managua, the capital (coming from Masaya), right behind the famous pub Buffalo wings. The name: "Colectivo shop". This store is home of 20+ national brands, all products sold here are handmade by local artisans from all over the country. We visited in January, of course, and we found amazing earrings, necklaces, homegrown sangria and wine, children t shirts and accessories, bows and bow ties, home decor, and of course handbags, wallets and backpacks.  

 colectivo shop nicaragua managua sunshine handmade

We love their products! Sunshine as a team of artisans has a way of making amazing pieces of art and we are so happy to be part of this! There is passion in what they do, there is love in every piece made, there is a purpose for this business to keep going!

If you would like to consider donating to their foundation, follow them on their Facebook page, or contact Leslie, or even myself. They're always in need for diapers (preemie size), hats, blankets, vitamins, oximeters, and everything it can help to ease the pressure of raising a premature baby.

Thank you for your support.