Yeni Fashion Bags

yeni fashion bags

Our newest team member, this brand came out of nowhere in my news feed and by looking at her products, I just knew I had to find out more!

Yeni is a young girl, born and raised in Nueva Segovia, that's a small town 227 miles from the capital, her dad was a shoe maker and her mom a maid. She decided to move to Managua to go to college and earns her degree in accounting.

After her relationship goes bad, she's left before her pregnancy is due and now a single mom and unemployed, she needs to find something quick!

she self taught how to sew, then started practicing and experimenting with materials and styles.

Then, in a huge leap on faith, she decided to start her own brand of handbags, inspired by the classy and tough working Nicaraguan woman. 

Yeni creates her purses with a fine leather, soft and delicate, also works vinyl, canvas and a very particular material like net, which personally I've never seen it before but it looks awesome and our customers love it!

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She currently employs 8 artisans, that's 8 families that enjoy a stable job. They also donate school supplies for kids in her former community in Nueva Segovia.

Her future goals are to create a line of products handmade by single moms, and supports the foundation for kids with autism.

Thank you for supporting this dream, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!